John Pappas spoke in favor of H.R. 2267, Barney Frank’s bill regulating online poker, in a debate on MSNBC.

Play Now at English Harbour! John Pappas, executive director of the Poker Players Alliance, appeared last week on MSNBC for a brief discussion of the bill authored by Barney Frank seeking to regulate online poker. Tim Kelly, a professor of psychology who served as executive director of the National Gambling Impact Study Commission, was on hand to speak against the bill.

Pappas told the network poker players from bipartisan backgrounds have united behind Frank, as the essential issue involved in the Internet gambling debate is about freedom. He said that while Frank may not carry the support of all the PPA members in other areas, he has come to be a symbol of liberty due to this bill.

Kelly wisecracked that the Internet poker bill is being brought by “the same people who brought us sub-prime mortgages,” referring to the moves by the House Financial Services Committee contributing to the mortgage meltdown. He also advanced the constant misrepresentation by gaming foes that passing 5the bill means opening a casino in every household.

Pappas responded that the ban favored by Kelly and his allies has failed to meet their own criteria for rejecting online gambling. Pappas offered that “the current law protects not a single child nor a single problem gambler.”

When Kelly said revenue claims from licensing online poker sites are effectively taxing the poor, Pappas corrected him, pointing out that gambling winnings are already officialy taxed, and that any new revenue would come at the excpense of overseas operators who ciurrently pay no US tax.

Kelly also said the US should not be condoning gambling behavior, while Pappas returned to a Frank tenet, that there is a wide difference between government allowing its citizens freedom to choose and sanctioning the activity, the area in which personal liberty falls.

Published on August 7, 2010 by PrestonLewis