Ladbrokes made proactive moves in management designed to keep the online casino operator healthy, profitable, and dominant in its industry.

Cherry Red Casino! Ladbrokes shook up its management staff this week, replacing the head of online gaming and the director of retail operations, among other moves. Company CEO Richard Glynn told the Wall Street Journal that the operation needed refreshing and updating, with a goal of generating online casino patron loyalty.

Increasing promotions, offers, and incentive programs is a focal point for Ladbrokes, along with supplying state-of-the-art technology. Beyond creating traffic to its Internet gambling sites by drawing new visitors, Ladbrokes is preparing for intensification of competition by targeting ways to retain customers who have previously used the service.

This means offering the most modern adaptations of sports betting, such as live wagering featuring in-game play and constantly shifting odds. It also involves concentration on separating and raising brand awareness above other online gaming operators, and providing responsive customer service.

“We are moving swiftly to address historical operational weaknesses,” Glynn told the Journal. “We are changing the DNA of the business.”

Glynn asserted the changes were necessary before adaptations by competitors such as the newly formed PartyGaming-Bwin union leave Ladbrokes trailing in a rapidly shifting online casino environment.

Published on August 5, 2010 by TomWeston